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Completely redesigned and renovated Facility

Located just blocks away from historic Brighton Beach, our completely redesigned and renovated Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is, without a doubt, redefining the rehabilitation experience. Our facility includes a gorgeous courtyard, a relaxing coffee house, and a one-of-a-kind solarium with 360-degree views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the New York City skyline. With our high-level team delivering comprehensive short-term, sub-acute, and long-term rehabilitation and nursing services, we are truly redefining the rehabilitation experience.

At Shore View, we believe that rehabilitation is a journey toward wellness – mind, body, and spirit. To that end, we have developed programs designed to optimize your health on every level, and we deliver them in a unique environment with a dynamic staff that will both inspire and motivate you.  We are dedicated to helping you rediscover your independence so that you can enjoy the people and activities that make you feel most alive.

With innovative treatment plans and cutting-edge technology, we provide you with the best – because we believe you deserve it. We have an extraordinary team of physicians, therapists, specialists, nurses, and staff who work collaboratively to develop a highly customized program to restore your independence, renew your spirit, and rehabilitate your body.


Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

2865 Brighton 3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11235


Their competency was awe and inspiring, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate that they were the therapists assigned to me.

The fact that I am well and still progressing is almost a miracle. The three of us worked well together.

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