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Shore View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Commitment, Compassion, Customized Care

I have been a long-term patient at shoreview for several years now, while recovering from a massive stroke. The facility is not perfect but I’m astonished at the negativity of some of the reviews here. The staff, including nurses,nurses assistants and physical and occupational therapists are caring, patient and extremely hard working. Management seems to take a personal interest in each and every patient/resident. Many staff members are almost extraordinarily caring, diligent and hard working. Many forego there own break or meal time to attend to a patients physical and emotional needs. Obviously offering one on one personal care is difficult, if not impossible. Many family members do not seem to understand that their loved ones are not the only patients that need care. And the staff can’t drop what they’re doing to immediately attend to their family member. But for the most part the staff finds a way to provide quality care at all times. I sincerely and heartily recommend shoreview Nursing and Rehab.


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